Speciality Shops & Businesses

A little of this, a little of that.


Day 4 | The flower shoppe

Day 4 of our #COVA30in30 Small Peninsula Businesses brings us to The Flower Shoppe in Poquoson! This unique floral shop offers everything from custom bouquets to household trinkets, and the gals here can create any floral arrangement you can dream up, big or small! 

Visit their website to learn more about this special shop!


DAY 20 | DLK It solutions

Day 20 of our #COVA30in30 local business edition is DLK IT Solution! When your computer, phone, or game console cracks or has a more complicated issue, it's hard to find the fastest and highest quality company to help with repairs. With DLK, you can have it fixed right from your home or place of work; if you're too busy to come to them in Peninsula Town Center, they'll come to you instead.

Check out their website for pricing and more information! 

DAY 26 | The va store

Day 26 of our #COVA30in30 series and we want to showcase everything Virginia has to offer, which is why we're highlighting The Virginia Store in Downtown Hampton! Everything from the classic tourist pieces like shot glasses and sweatshirts to local art pieces, jewelry, food and drinks are offered at this wonderful shop. So whether you're only visiting or want to send a truly special piece to a friend out of state, look no further.

Check out more info on their website! 


day 19 | village bicycles

Day 19 of our #COVA30in30 series has us spinning at Village Bicycles!! This all-purpose bicycle shop provides just about everything - as Walt would say, "tricycles to triathlons." They don't just provide endless options for bikes but bike service and repairs as well! If you have a youngster who loves biking but don't want to spend a fortune upgrading as they out grow a new bike every 6 months, check this place out - they trade in old bicycles for 40% credit towards your next purchase. 

Check out their website for more info!


Day 27 | Elliott and duggan's trophy and awards + Swim and sport shop

Day 27 of our #COVA30in30 series has us in Newport News at Elliott and Duggan's Trophies! In addition to doing custom trophies, plaques, acrylics and engravings they also offer competitive swimwear and gear for personal and team use! With everything done in house and an awesome family ready to create whatever you can dream up, this local business is a one stop shop for awards, trophies and all things swim!