The COVA Community Difference


Not all of us were born or raised in coastal va...

But every single member of our team has fallen in love with it in our own way.

We love the accessibility to all types of surrounding landscapes like cities, mountains and beaches. We love being so close to the history of places like Yorktown and Colonial Williamsburg. We love that you can go out and have a blast with friends at bars and restaurants all around the Peninsula, but still have a place to call home where you can raise your family. And more importantly than anything else, we love the community that has been built and that we have contributed to.

With so many of our clients coming from out-of-state into coastal VA, we constantly get asked "what is there to do around here?" and it got us thinking. We know for a fact that there's plenty to see, to eat, to do, but it didn't seem like anyone else wanted to believe it. 

So let us show you!

#COVA30in30: Local Business Edition