Health, Fitness & Beauty

We're happiest when we practice self-care, which comes in many forms. Check out some of our favorite ways and places that help us to feel happy and healthy!


Day 2 | Coastal strength & Fitness

Featured on Day 2 of our #30in30 series of small Peninsula businesses is Coastal Strength & Fitness in Newport News. Coastal is an awesome group exercise setting where fitness meets community. Beginner or athlete, all ages are welcome to join the journey of transforming your body and your life!

Check out their website for class information and testimonials!

DAY 7 | DOlce vita salon & spa

For Day 7 of our #COVA30in30 we're putting the spotlight (or should we say highlight) on Dolce Vita Salon & Spa in Yorktown, Virginia! This local salon has 3 floors of services, including everything from hair, skin, nails and waxing to massages. With this fabulous team of women ready to make you feel beautiful from head to toe, why would you go anywhere else?

Check out their website for booking and more information!

DAY 9 | momentum massage & Bodywork

Day 9 of our #COVA30in30 small business series is getting active! Momentum Movement Therapy is a progressive combination of adjustments, massage and neurokinetic therapy to aid athletes, and people who love being active to improve their movement and live a healthier, more mobile life. 

Check out their website for more info!

Day 10 | Hot or not yoga and massage studio

Can’t believe we’re hitting double digits today or our #COVA30in30 with Day 10!! Coming in *hot* is Hot or Not Yoga in Newport News! This studio has hot yoga, non-hot yoga and massages available throughout the week. Come sweat, stretch and rejuvenate your body!

To learn more, visit their website!

Day 13 | granma T's health food store

Day 13 of our #COVA30in30 series has us in the beautiful Port Warwick area of Newport News. It's always a little difficult when you're trying to get healthy and feel great about what you're putting in your body, so stop by Granma T's Health Food Store and allow them to help you figure out exactly what you need! From supplements and vitamins to personal care products and frozen meals, everything in here is made strictly from ingredients ready to make your body feel how it is intended to.

Visit their website for more info!

Day 29 | ROC Training (Viewer's Choice)

Day 29 of our #COVA30in30 series is VIEWER'S CHOICE *drumroll*... Congratulations to ROC Training!! This team is geared up to prepare you for any ROC (Rugged Obstacle Course). This program is a combination of extensive cardio, strength training and obstacles set in various terrains, and it will totally kick your butt. If you've ever dreamed of doing one of these races but didn't know where to start, ROC training is for you - regardless of age, gender or fitness level. 

Check out their website for more info or sign up to try a class today!