patient advocate foundation

These days who doesn’t know someone who has been struck by a medical emergency in their family.  With medical cost through the roof and insurance benefits that no one really understands Patient Advocate Foundation is lifeline for so many who are struggling!  They are our featured Nonprofit for our #CoVA30in30 today and have so touched so many families in need not only in Coastal VA but thought the United States!


This organization supports people with disabilities throughout their lives in employment, community living, day support, and early childhood programs. VersAbility has so much to offer our community that you may not even be aware of!  Check them out!


EDMARC hospice for children

There are some things in life that seem so painful and unimaginable that even the mere thought of them makes your eyes water instantly, and losing a child is that thing for me. EDMARC Hospice for Children does the type of work most could only ever imagine and still finds a way to exude the energy, passion and positivity that eases the drama of a child’s illness or death for not only the child themselves, but the family as well. Day 8 of our #COVA30IN30 highlights this organization and all the good they do for so many challenged with the disabling effects of pediatric illness, loss and bereavement.


roc solid foundation

Running a “passion business" such as a nonprofit takes a few things that I believe will make it successful… a determined heart and a clear mission. Day 9 of our #COVA30IN30 brings you an organization that holds both of those criteria and so much more. @Roc Solid Foundation was born on a vision and through planning, passion, and action has grown into a nonprofit powerhouse providing room makeovers and playground builds for children with pediatric cancer, and hospital bags for the families effected!

peninsula school for autism

This amazing school provides a 1 to 1 educational experience for their students following their philosophy that every child is different and every child has different needs to be met. They provide resources and support for not only the students, but also the families! PSA's objective is to facilitate an effect integration for the children back into the general social setting! They are an extremely compassionate group of people who are providing an amazing opportunity for these kids and their families to get help in the specific area that they may need.

the arc of greater williamsburg

As Pam likes to say “The Arc is there when the school bus stops coming”. They provide 8-10 evening activities daily as well as a Day Support Program for young adults to senior citizens with disabilities to continue their education and growth and additional vocation training.  The amount of compassion the ladies we met during this interview was just amazing! Consider getting involved by volunteering at one of their events or in one of their programs!


H.E.L.P. Inc. which stands for Hampton Roads Ecumenical Lodging and Provisions, takes the worry of survival off of the minds of people in the city of Hampton so that they can focus on getting back on their feet and moving themselves and their families into a better life.  The medical and dental program is one of the only programs in our area and they need volunteers! If you are a Doctor or a Dentist or Dental Hygienist in our area they NEED YOUR HELP! A few hours of your time a month can mean many more people can be served!  Consider donating your time or resources to this amazing organization! See the comments for a link to make that happen!

child development resources

CDR provides services to children ages 0-3 in the Historic Triangle including the cities of Williamsburg, James City County, York County and Poquoson. CDR knows how important these young years are for the development and they provide the resources for parents, professionals and children to thrive. They have early screening services, developmental playgroups, breastfeeding support, fatherhood programs and so much more! Their impact on the early stages of life for not only the children in their programs but the parents is life changing!

Peninsula agency on aging

As many of our non-profits so far have focused on helping children and adults, we knew we had to have a non-profit like the Peninsula Agency On Aging that focused on our beloved seniors! Day 29 of our #COVA30in30 highlights this wonderful organization that advocates for policies and resources to enhance the quality of life for seniors and family caregivers. Without them, some seniors and their families wouldn’t have access to services like Meals on Wheels, transportation to and from medical visits and educational programs to help caregivers learn about preventing injury and more!