Shannon Edwards, The Leading Lioness


Nowhere is Shannon’s energetic approach more valuable than in her career as the Team Leader of The Coastal VA Real Estate Team!  When you work with Shannon you can rest assured that her non-stop energy will help you achieve all your goals. She’s not only fueled by her own energy, but by the dreams and aspirations of her clients who mean so much to her.
“There’s nothing more important to a family than their home,” Shannon explains. “That’s why I take my work so personally. I want to do everything possible to make the entire process enjoyable for my clients.” She believes that by taking care of all the details and guiding her clients through their transaction, they can focus on making the adjustment to their new home and actually enjoy the process to the fullest.

As a graduate of Christopher Newport University with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Psychology and Leadership, she was sure about 2 things in her life; “I had to work with people and I had to do something that I could make an impact." She sort of fell into Real Estate because a friend of hers owned a Brokerage. It seemed like a great job to do until, "I figured out what I want to

do with my life," she said. Starting out in commercial sales and quickly realizing it was NOT the route for her, she moved into the residential world. She was instantly fulfilled... Not only did she love the fast pace, energy of being a Realtor but she also was able to spend 90% of her day with people AND be in a position that she could significantly better those people's lives. “I was SOLD," she explains, "and that was almost 13 years ago!”

"There was a common phrase in the real estate world that was always said to me when I started... 'It's not personal, it's business.' I would hear this many times when I was on pins and needles waiting to hear back from a buyer's offer that was submitted on their dream home OR when a seller and I were anxiously awaiting the perfect buyer for a home they so desperately needed to sell. However, this frame of mind I simply could not adopt because for me it wasn't just business, it was personal. My clients become my friends, they become extensions of my family. Their goals become my goals, therefore I do take it personally. I take a very personal role in making sure all that happens with my clients and on my team is a direct reflection of myself and who I am. I always want to be seen as someone who does the right thing, no matter who is watching and no matter what the outcome. My client’s needs and wants will always come before my own. They know they can trust me and I take that very seriously."

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