Fall Maintenance Checklist

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Here are a few helpful tips to prep your property for the quickly approaching cool weather!!!


___ Stow your lawnmower and weed eater. Make sure if it's a gas mower or weed eater, either drain the gas and oil, wash off and store, OR add a fuel stabilizer so that the gas does not deteriorate and clog motor during months not in use.

____ Purchase ice melt, shovels, rakes and blower before hand...don't wait until a storm comes, it may be too late to get all the supplies you need. If you have a snow blower, this would be a good time to service it as well.

____ Don't bag those leaves! Start a compost pile with the foliage to enrich soil for spring or layer on top of flowerbeds.

____ Remove, drain and store garden hoses from outdoor faucets. If left outside during cold temperatures it could cause water to back up into plumbing pipes leading into the walls of the home, which could end up a disaster should any pipes burst from frozen water. Once that's done, make sure to turn off shutoff valves for exterior faucets and insulate any exposed pipes to prevent pipes from freezing and/or bursting. These work great!

____ Check for exterior cracks in trim, siding, windows, door frames and don't forget to seal off where outside pipes or wires enter house.

____ Test heating system and replace furnace filters. You don't want the cold weather to set in only to find out your heating system isn't working properly, brrr...

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Here are some recommended contractors to call for maintenance on Heating systems:

Heating Systems: Matt Loye with 365 Comfort (757) 869-5456

Fireplace & Chimney: The Fire Safety Guys, LLC (757) 773-3473

____ Prune plants and bushes. Trimming shrubs will help keep moisture and bugs away from the home and can also lessen the risk of any damage from winter storms.

____ Check carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms. Don't forget to put fresh batteries in each unit! Truly...a LIFE SAVER!

____ Fall is a great time to open the windows, get some fresh air in and a great time to wash all of the windows.

Whether you are renting a home or you own your own these are all things that need to be done! Keeping the house up will add to the value, reduce utility costs and save you a lot of headache in the long run!

As always if we can help you in any way don’t hesitate to ask! Happy Fall!!!