Barley vs. The Mushroom

Mother FUNGUS!!!!!  

If you’re anything like me, you’re ooobbsessed with your canine companions! I am some what of a “helicopter” dog mom… constantly making sure they aren’t eating anything they shouldn’t, or that they aren’t romping around in an area that could cut their paws. I feed them the best dog food. I take them on the best advertures to play and live a wonderful doglife! Although I feel like I take all the precautions in the world, my pups still seem to be VERY accident prone. Like…. EXTREMELY accident prone! 

Late last week after experiencing days of rain with no sun we started seeing these little button mushrooms pop up in the yard. We didn’t think anything of it… They’re kinda cute right?

I WISH that was the end of the story… but of course you know it’s not because like I said above, there is always something!

This time my youngest fur child, Barley, decide to let the mushrooms be her afternoon snack… because to be honest SHE. EATS. EVERYTHING! Little did we know at the time, she would begin vomiting at 2am that night and not stop until we got her to the emergency vet the following day. As it turns out, those little boogers are HIGHLY toxic to dogs!  They begin to attack their liver and kidneys!  Pretty much nothing will stop it unless you get them to the vet and get meds!

Needless to say, I spent the next day in our yard on my hands and knees pulling out all the mushrooms I could find!

If you think your pup (or any other pet) ate one of these mushrooms, keep a good eye on them! If they start to get sick, get them into the vet ASAP! The sooner you treat, the better the prognosis!

It was a hard and EXPENSIVE lesson to learn. Thankfully, she is doing much better but she will be on liver medication for a little while to get her levels back to normal. 

And of course it leaves this paranoid momma with one more thing to be worried about.

- Grier Hogge, Team Coordinator