Animals & Rental Properties

It is always a good idea, in advance of signing a lease, to ask about the pet policy. Ask a lot of questions, such as...

  • Will my landlord allow me to have a dog?  
  • Is there a weight limit?  
  • Is there a pet deposit or fee?  
  • Will your landlord allow more than one pet? 

Assuming you get the OK from your landlord... now for the serious questions... 

  • What size and breed dog would be good for our family?  
  • If you have children.. do the children want a dog and will they take an active role in caring for a new family member?
  • Is the yard fenced?  If not who will walk a new dog 3 or 4 times a day?  

It's important that the activity level and temperament of dog matches the home.  So many dogs are surrendered to shelters because the family gets a cute little puppy but then the puppy grows up and the family is not prepared to put the time and effort that is required to train and care for a dog. 

Adopting a pet is not an impulse decision... do your research and make sure you are ready for the commitment.