Myth vs. Fact Series: New Builds & Home Inspections

Myth:  You don't need a home inspection on New Construction. 

You take your first steps into the completed new home that was made specifically for you... the hardwoods are shining, the walls are painted in your favorite shade, and wait until you see the attached deck - it's the perfect place for entertaining your family and friends!

Afterall, what could go wrong? It's brand new and "perfect!"

As much as we hope a new build is "perfect" - is it worth taking the chance that it isn't?

What happens if the shingles and flashing weren't installed properly and you end up with roof leaks?

Or even worse... the wrong hardware was used to assemble that "perfect" deck, and the deck collapse while you're hosting a get-together.

Shannon and Christen see it happen all the time, not just on less expensive homes but also homes that are $450,000 on up!  One of Christen recent buyers purchased a home from a very well known builder. They took her advice and had an inspection... turns out there was a list of 5 things that the builder needed to address. A small issue up front could have been a major issue down the road!

The items above would happen over time, but why not get them corrected before you even move into the house? Paying $300-500 for a home inspection now can help protect you from spending thousands down the road!

Our most trusted home inspection company that we recommend our clients to is Pillar To Post Home Inspectors.

As a buyer, protect yourself, your family and your new home.  Order a home inspection!