VA peninsula foodbank

Although you might be somewhat familiar with this organization, you will be in awe just like I was, of all they do!!! Did you know that $1 provides 4 MEALS!!! $20 = 80 MEANS YA’LL! That is insane! A little goes a long way with this amazing organization that helps provide the most basic need that people deserve… FOOD!

youth challenge

Youth Challenge is an organization that is committed to restoring lives and families who have been hit with the drug and alcohol addiction epidemic our world is currently facing. Their mission is to rebuild character based on integrity and Biblical moral values, and establish sober citizens back into the community who are physically, mentally, spiritually, and vocationally prepared to live a productive life. I think we can all agree this is such a necessary organization as I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been touched by this crisis!


habitat for humanity

I’ve known about this organization for years yet there is so much I learned from this interview! From the process of a recipients getting and really “earning” the homes to amazing things the ReStore is doing, I can guarantee you will learn something new and exciting about our Day 14 Nonprofit Habitat for Humanity! There is something so great about putting in hard labor for a good cause so consider jumping in on one of their builds, volunteering at the store or simply building a picnic table, bird house, or flower box with your family for one of the homes!


thrive peninsula

“Thriving Families mean a Thriving Community” Have you ever heard a more accurate statement than that???? Day 24 of our #COVA30IN30 brings us to Thrive Peninsula which is an amazing organization that helps families in the community who have hit a bump in the road by providing resources and services for food, shelter, support, and education to help them get back on track.  Check out how you can get involved even if it’s simply dropping off shoes for their shoe drive!


center for child and family services

So many of life’s troubles can leave a family with no where to turn. In the heat of tragedy, loss, divorce and/or any financial hardship there may be noone to talk to and no where to get help. The CCFS have 3 major programs... Behavioral Health Services, Consumer Credit Counseling, and Child and Family Connections. One simply thing can make the difference to a person’s life but this organization does so much!

natasha house

he Natasha House is a transitional home for homeless women with children that need more than just a shelter or safe space. Unlike homeless shelters that allow people to stay for 30-45 days, the Natasha House prides itself on working with women and their children for up to 2 years. In this time, they're learning financial literacy, transferrable work skills, and more while the Natasha House semi-permanently houses them. This nonprofit provides all the knowledge mothers need to not only be able to find and afford their own home down the road, but to transform them personally and professionally to be their best selves and prevent the cycle of homelessness and fear from coming back around.