fear 2 freedom

Like many other’s I’ve read the #metoo posts that have been so frequently shared throughout social media over the last few months. Sharing and speaking out IS important but it must be followed by ACTION.  Our #CoVA30in30 Nonprofit for Day 3 does just that.  Fear to Freedom takes action in helping victims of sexual assault and campaigns through the United States to end the abuse.  This organization helps victims move from a life of fear to the life of freedom they deserve!


center for child and family services

So many of life’s troubles can leave a family with no where to turn.  In the heat of tragedy, loss, divorce and/or any financial hardship there may be noone to talk to and no where to get help.  Day 20 of our #COVA30IN30 highlights a place that takes on so many of these services for families in situations when they need help the most!  They have 3 major programs... Behavioral Health Services, Consumer Credit Counseling, and Child and Family Connections.  One simply thing can make the difference to a person’s life but this organization does so much!



transitions family violence services

Transitions Family Violence Services provides a safe shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children, as well as many different types of therapies, advocacy and education services for helping to heal and move past the horrifying trauma associated with it. In addition, Transitions also advocates for awareness of sexual violence and domestic abuse, and aims to always focus on prevention instead of treatment when possible. Many women, men and children have had their lives returned to them since entering the program, so if you’re reading this and feel unsafe where you are and don’t know where to turn, check out their website or call their hotline to find help today!