the va glass guild

"You think you know… but you have no idea!"  I never thought I’d say that about something such as #GlassArt but it’s so unbelievable what glass can do!  Day 7 of #COVA30IN30 takes us to The Virginia Glass Guild.  This organization helps promote glass as an art form through support, education, and collaboration of local glass artist!  Check out the amazing pieces of art and help spread the word about this trade!


Soundscapes is a educational youth intervention program that uses music to build life skills!  It is FREE to over 400 students a year!  It teaches determination, focus, and goal setting, and gives these kids a sense of pride in themselves and their abilities! From supporting their concerts to donating instruments there are so many ways you can support this program!  Check out Soundscapes and the impact you can make on local kids by getting involved!


the newport news green foundation

Most of us have said it before and if we haven’t said it, we have thought it.  How will they fit one more building or one more parking lot in Newport News!  Considering it’s landlocked along The James River there isn’t much more room to go!  Day 21 of our #COVA30IN30 highlights a initiative that provides the buffer space many of us so desire in an effort to not feel as though we are living in a concrete village!  @Newport News Green Foundation preserves, transforms and promotes green space throughout the city.  They have 20 properties equalling about 27 acres preserved!


peninsula reads

Peninsula READS is an adult literacy program that provides group and one on one tutoring for reading, writing, and math.  They teach the most basic forms of literacy all the way to computer and English as a second language classes on a weekly basis.  This volunteer based program is such a blessing to so many and provides people with the skills they need to succeed and excel at work and in their every day lives.